GBT User Documentation Hub#

The GBT User Documentation Hub is a prototype documentation system under active development. It is meant to consolidate all user documentation to use the GBT and process data obtained with the GBT.

The entire documentation is also available as a single pdf file from the fly-out menu in the bottom left corner.


Learning-oriented lessons take you through a series of steps to complete a project.

Most useful when you want to get started with the GBT.

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How-To Guides

Practical step-by-step guides to help you achieve a specific goal.

Most useful when you’re trying to get something done.

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Big-picture explanations of higher-level concepts.

Most useful for building understanding of a particular topic.

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Nitty-gritty technical descriptions of how the GBT works.

Most useful when you need detailed information about different GBT components or applications.

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The hub follows the diataxis approach, where documentation is categorized with the user’s need in mind. As a GBT user, you will be able to find Tutorials, How-to Guides, Explanations and Reference material that support your learning and the working aspects of your day-to-day tasks with either practical step-by-step instructions or knowledge-providing material.