Welcome to the hub of MUSTANG-2 documentation! On this page you will find links to instrument information, proposal instructions, how-to guides, various technical aspects, and references.

MUSTANG-2 Overview

A brief description of MUSTANG-2 and its capabilities.

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Instrument Team

A list of the MUSTANG-2 instrument team members.

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Proposal Information#

Go here for requirements and information on submitting a proposal to use MUSTANG-2.

How-to Guides#

Go here for guides on how set-up and observe with MUSTANG-2 and information on MUSTANG-2 data products/reduction.

Technical Aspects#


Description MUSTANG-2’s bandpass.

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Description of MUSTANG-2 transfer functions with various filtering and scans sizes.

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Description of mapping parameters.

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Useful References#


List of MUSTANG-2 publications and press releases.

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Data Sets

List of MUSTANG-2 published data sets/images.

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Description MUSTANG-2’s historical development.

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